Additional Features of a Home Security Alarm System

The simplest home security alarm systems include a control panel, keypad, sirens, access screens, and in the case of monitoring systems an external control station. These basic features are suitable for simple home protection from burglars, but some people may choose more advanced home security alarm systems that include more advanced features.

Home security alarm systems can include smoke detection, glass breakage detectors, panic buttons, and motion detectors. You can find the Security Systems in Sydney through Atomic Alarms.

When most people think of a home security alarm system, they think of an anti-theft alarm system. While it is true that the primary function of a home security alarm system is to protect your home and property from thieves, this is not the only function of home security alarms in Sydney 

As the name suggests, a home security alarm system is designed to protect your home. This includes protecting your home from fire damage. For this reason, many people have a smoke detection system linked to their home security alarm system. This will sound an alarm and alert the control station if smoke is detected.

Glass breakage detectors are another advanced feature that some people like to include in their home security alarm system. These systems can detect the sound of broken glass and will activate the home security alarm system upon recognition of this sound. This is useful because most home security alarms in Sydney systems include access screens that specify when doors or windows are opened. This makes your home vulnerable to window burglars rather than window openings to get into the house. Installing glass breakage detectors in your home security alarm system will reduce this problem. 

Another feature many people choose to incorporate into their home security alarm system is a range of motion detectors. These motion detectors act as a second line of defense in your home security alarm system. If the burglar manages to enter your home without triggering the alarm, motion detectors will detect their entry into your home and will sound the alarm, sound the siren and send a message to the monitoring center if your system is being monitored.


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