ADR – Automated Dialog Replacement

ADR usually appears at the end of the post-production process. There are several reasons why a film or television project might need an ADR. This includes a bad soundtrack, translations into foreign languages, scripts, and more. For ADR services you can search the company like Stat11 that provides the best ADR services.

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Some people will refer to ADR as duplication, but this is not entirely true. Anyone can dub, but ADR is more complicated. A rewrite occurs when a film or TV series records sound without changing the dialogue or footage. 

ADR is not only used to adapt a film or TV series to a foreign language but can also be used to correct poor sound recording quality if it was originally recorded by a production audio mixer. ADR's goal is to create a realistic and believable scene without people realizing that dialogue has been replaced. It may sometimes be impossible to record ADRs in professional facilities, such as when filming on location or actors in remote locations.

In such a case, there are several things to consider before using ADR in the post-production process:

• First, find a music recording studio. They are a great substitute as a last resort. However, they often don't have sync options. Before going to the facility, check if anything can be changed to suit the session.

• The room where you record the ADR must be soundproof and quiet.

• When using a computer, ensure that the computer is not turned off. Move the computer outside of a soundproof room.


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