Buy The Right Type of MMA Gloves

MMA Gloves can serve a variety of purposes. They protect the bones in your hands and your knuckles and they protect your wrist from hyperextending during grappling and striking. Due to the gloves having an open palm design they also offer the ability to change between grappling and striking when fighting your opponent.

Let’s look into the distinct types of MMA Gloves. The most common pair of MMA Gloves is the 4oz competition glove. This glove is used in all mixed martial arts competitions. It has light padding around the knuckles, a supportive wrist strap, and an open palm design. Hop over here to buy the best MMA gloves.

Everlast Velcro Pro Style Training Gloves

This glove is suitable for competition fighting and grappling but not suitable for sparring due to the small amount of padding. 8oz MMA sparring gloves have quite a bit more padding to protect the knuckles than the 4oz gloves. They also have an open palm design and can be used in grappling training and sparring but are not suitable for MMA competition fighting.

There are also specialized types of MMA Gloves including customized gloves. Due to the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts, there are a lot more companies that have started to offer customized MMA gear.

You can choose the color, material, and density of foam padding, and variations of the strap. A customized pair of gloves will cost you more money but you will have a one-off pair of gloves that are personalized to your fighting needs. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

There are many other types of MMA Gloves in the market. All of them offer distinct features and designs that appeal to a large majority of fighters. However, how does one choose a good pair for a particular fighter? There are some good ways to determine the type of gloves that fighters will appreciate.

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