Car Accidents – How to Get Rental Car Insurance?

Almost no one wants to pay extra for a rental car, but sometimes the extra cost of insurance can be a very smart purchase. A lot depends on what your personal car insurance covers, but if necessary, rental insurance can be a real lifesaver.

To ensure that you have the correct rental car insurance coverage before signing a rental agreement, it is best to check with your private insurance company before committing to a lease. In many cases, private insurance will cover a lot so the premiums may not be worth the cost. The only way to know for sure is to ask, so do this.

Gung-ho on pay-as-you-use motor insurance policy? Think twice - BusinessToday

When you need rental insurance, you will find that you can get several types of insurance. Let's take a look at the main ways to add insurance:

This type of insurance covers everything including an excess in the event of an accident. For some people who are privately insured this may not be necessary, but it can be a real money saver in a pinch for those who need it. These coatings are usually quite inexpensive. Be sure to contact your company before purchasing this breed. There's a good chance you already have one. Also, if you are paying by credit card, consult your credit card company before purchasing this option as some credit cards also cover it.

This insurance option covers accidental death and medical situations for both renters and passengers. Often this insurance coverage is not required because your personal car insurance usually accompanies you. Be sure to ask before you decline. It's not very expensive in general, but what it covers can be.



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