Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is the name given to any damage that occurs to a building or structure as a result of water infiltration. This can include damage to the finishes, insulation, framing, and plumbing systems. 

  • Flooding: Torrential rains can cause flooding that enters buildings through open windows and doors or broken foundation seams. Flooding can also occur when storm sewers overflow their boundaries.
  • Hail: Large hail stones can break windows and cause flooding. Hail can also create mudslides that carry debris down hills and into homes and businesses.
  • Wind: Wind-driven rain or snow can cause water to enter buildings through broken doors and windows or openings in the roof. The force of the wind can also push water onto electrical equipment and cause electrocution.

The causes of water damage can vary, but in most cases, the moisture from rain, snow, or floods seeps through cracks and openings in the building's exterior and penetrates the interior. Once inside, the water can cause extensive damage to electrical wiring, HVAC systems, and other critical infrastructure. 

Damage can also occur to electronics and furniture if they are located in close proximity to water.

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