Does Your Prostate Supplement Actually Work?

Labels are used by consumers to let them know what's in the product. But what happens if labels for supplements aren't true or accurate? How do you know whether you're receiving an item that is in line with the requirements on the label?

In reality, unless an item is tested by a third-party lab, you can't be certain of the ingredients in the product. You can easily find the best prostate supplements on amazon.

amazon prostate supplements

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Unless there is third-party Lab verification, there are no guarantees, but here's a quick list of how you make an informed decision:

Be sure to purchase your prostate supplements from a reputed manufacturer. You need to be aware that fly-by-night companies do exist and steer yourself to companies that have held a good reputation for producing quality products over the years.

Based on evidence from clinical trials and research, beta-sitosterol has far more efficacy than saw palmetto in supporting prostate health. The reason why saw palmetto works for prostate health is that the star ingredient in it is beta-sitosterol.

Make sure your prostate supplement contains the right amount of beta-sitosterol. The right amount is the dosage used in major clinical trials and has shown to have proven and positive results. Since there are no long-term human studies on beta-sitosterol, there is no recommended dietary allowance.

The dosage used in most clinical experiments was 60 to 135 mg, but higher amounts may be required according to the extent of an individual's discomfort. Prostate supplements normally take between 2 to 4 weeks to show effective results.

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