Good Eye Health is Possible With Regular Vision Screenings

Your vision screening is crucial for your overall health. First, poor vision can lead to headaches and accidents. Eye problems can lead to many other complications. Experts recommend having your eyes checked at least once every two years depending on your health and age. 

Many eye conditions and diseases are difficult to detect so it is important to have your eyes checked every one to three years. It is important to have your vision checked regularly, even if you are able to see clearly.

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It is important to have regular vision screenings in order to maintain good eyesight. Doctors recommend being extra cautious with certain age groups. At six months old, a newborn should have their first eye examination.

Additional screenings should be done at three, five, and six years of age before children enter kindergarten. The following skills are required by children to learn. It is therefore important that you have an eye exam as soon as possible.

  • Near vision
  • Distance vision
  • Eye teaming (binocularity skill)
  • Eye movement skills.
  • Focusing skills.
  • Peripheral awareness.
  • Hand/eye coordination

Adolescents should have their eyes examined at least twice a year to ensure good vision and healthy eyes. If you do not wear corrective lenses, you should have your eyes checked bi-annually. Annual visits are recommended for those wearing corrective lenses.

Our vision changes as we age. This is particularly true when it comes to reading and closing objects. Patients who complain of discomfort or vision problems may need additional screenings. 

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