How to Choose the Perfect Wall Art for Your Space

Wall hangings, art, and photos serve as the stylistic icing on the cake that is your home. Wall art draws the eye, pulls together your space, and makes your home more inviting.

Although it might seem like a tough task, sourcing, purchasing, and installing art pieces you love is entirely worth it. Not only does wall art add personality to your space, but it gives any room an instant upgrade and ties everything together. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect wall art. You can also check out here to get more information about the perfect wall art.

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Selecting Wall Art By Size

Go into your search with a size in mind this will let you filter through options easily. It’s also important that you consider placement before you buy, as that will have a bearing on the size you’re looking for.

1.Oversized: 1 meter or larger in length, oversized art pieces act as the focal point of a room. They look stunning placed above an equally-as-big piece of furniture, such as a couch, bed, or dining table.

2.Large: With a frame that’s between 80 and 100 centimeters in length, large wall art pieces make fantastic centerpieces to rest on a surface, or can act as the key piece in a busy gallery wall.

Selecting Wall Art By Size

Consider the feeling your home evokes and find art that reflects that. Chances are your design choices help you feel relaxed, rather than energetic. Reflect this in your art to tie everything together.

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