Men’s Tie Accessories – Helpful Tips

Tie today are descendants of the European cravat long strip of fabric worn around the neck. A stiff, white ruff and then attached to keep the jacket or doublet from becoming marred or stained as well as functioning as a napkin or bib as required. Ties are used now as a fashion statement or as part of the uniform.

We have all seen comical situations occur with men and their ties. To avoid such circumstances, some smart devices have been created that allow the tie to be attached to the bottom of the shirt, thus holding it in place.

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TIE BAR: Just as the form and function of a paperclip, this is an elongated strip of metal used to slide on the tie, attaching it to clothing. Tie bars, also known as tie slides can be found in simple or f through the loop, hiding the bar and revealing attractive patterns.

TIE CHAIN: Usually made of gold or silver, and resembles a hanger with a loop for attaching a button with a chain hanging down from both ends. Tie slipped during the loop, hiding the bar and enlightening the chain in front.

TIE CLIP: Two or three strips of material are joined together by a spring mechanism that cut across tie and shirt, holding them together. Also known as a tie clasp, they come in a variety of lengths, materials, and shapes.

When shopping for tie clips, be sure to select the correct width and materials to complement your tie collection.

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