New Therapies for Patients: Transforming the Development of Clinical trials

Innovative methods for developing drugs could increase the effectiveness of R&D and bring new treatments to market sooner and improve the overall experience in clinical trials. What can biopharma companies do to increase their use?

Executive Summary

The proliferation of data sources and advancements in the field of data analysis and science has led to the development of several innovative methods for developing drugs. These strategies, which consist of adaptive trials, design improved segmentation of disease and populations master protocols. You can read more about the life companies through The Big4Bio Event Center is now available.

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While certain methods like adaptive trials and master protocols have been in use for quite a while, they've been unable to be scaled more extensively or applied in a unified manner. Although some companies have played using a few strategies, but only for one-off tests while others have more knowledge.

Biopharma companies have the opportunity to use the lessons learned from oncology to apply revolutionary strategies across their portfolios and other treatment areas. But, they can't accomplish this on their own. 

Data science expertise is vital for some of these revolutionary methods, as is the development of therapeutics and drug expertise. The process of developing a group of data scientists who have both skills should be of top importance.

It is important to consider what areas these strategies could be used to, who are the main people who need to be involved, and what investment needs for them to make.

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