Remote Online Notarization Technology Requirements

It is easy to perform online notarizations. It can be difficult to acquire the technology necessary to securely conduct these notarizations in compliance with state laws. It can be expensive to develop and maintain a platform that meets your state's RON standards. You can find the best mobile notary signing agent in Florida online.

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Your employer will likely have to purchase and set up a platform that allows employed notaries to do online notarizations. You will need to establish a relationship for individual notaries with RON service providers. 

Many RON-approved service providers will assist you in meeting your state's requirements for online notarization. 

1. Fast and reliable internet connection – The remote online notary law requires signer and notary to communicate clearly throughout the entire session. This requirement is only possible if you have a reliable internet connection.

2. Digital Notary Seal – Your RON service provider will give you a list with third-party vendors that can help you purchase a digital certificate that's X.509 compliant. The digital certificate is required for lawful online notarizations. It provides proof to the recipients that the document was not altered or modified since its signing.

3. Audio/Video Communication Technology – The RON provider will provide the technology necessary to comply with your state's RON laws. The RON platform should at minimum provide:

A recording of and archivement of the audio-video communication session.

There is sufficient audio clarity and resolution for the principal and remote online notary to communicate simultaneously via live, real-time transmission.

You can take reasonable security precautions to protect the audio-video communication and prevent unauthorised access.

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