How Is Massage Chair Different From Treatment Table?

Even for a massage therapist, it can be a tough task finding the best equipment for treating clients. You might have seen the treatment tables and massage chairs but how these are different from one another. No doubt, both have some advantages and disadvantages.

The main difference between the two

There are several differences between the treatment and massage chair and the same can be read from best massage chair consumer reports even. Firstly, massage chairs are portable but the tables are stationary. Portable tables are not as popular as chairs. In a massage chair, you can receive therapy even in a seated position so, you don’t have to lie or bend over quite a long hours.

Benefits of massage chair

Massage chairs have several amazing benefits. No matter, you are visiting a local fair or office, you can easily take massage therapy with the massage chair. In a massage chair, there is no need to remove clothes for taking the massage, whereas this is mandatory in the case of the massage table. This can be a cumbersome situation for some patients who feel uncomfortable removing their clothes. There is no need to bend over, hence makes it easier for the back to receive the massage. The massage table may create numbness on your back and you will feel pain, once you are done with the massage.

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