Setting Up Your Clownfish Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium clownfish almost identical to prepare the tank for any marine life. The only difference will be in the size of the tank.

A pair of clownfish can develop in a 30-gallon tank if they live only a crew to clean the sea beside you. With a tank of this site, you do not need to spend hundreds, or even thousands on equipment to maintain optimum conditions.


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First, you'll want to clean everything that will go into the aquarium by soaking in a tub of saltwater, then rinse them with other fresh saltwater mixture. Next, find the location where the tank will be placed.

Now we need to mix our saltwater. Using a brand new container to prevent contamination, begin adding your water. Slowly add salt per manufacturer's specifications.

Using plates cleared or bowl at the bottom of your tank to avoid destroying your sand bed, slowly add the mixture of seawater into your tank, aim to say the plate/bowl.

First, add your heater. Be sure not to plug it in before completely submerged or will burn, then set it to about 79 F. Next, add your filters, skimmers, and pumps, and then turn them all on.

Now your clownfish aquarium up and running, but not quite ready for the fish yet. You'll need to allow your tank to cycle for at least one month before your water chemistry stable enough to support them.

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