History Of Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are a refinement of pens that have been around for a mind-boggling long time. The first pen is much less common than today's fountain pens. For Pen, it all started with a sharp reed. This reed was dipped in ink and then used to write on papyrus. 

This type of pen is also used for writing the Bible. The fountain pen  ink was either dried up or was consumed on the paper within seconds of writing, so it had to be dipped constantly. Additionally, the tips didn't stay sharp for long.

 fountain pen

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The iconic Quill Pen came forward to solve some of these problems. The quill pen was slightly better than the reed because it had the characteristic slit cut into the quill that allowed the ink. To be stored and the tips remained sharper for longer. This pen was used to write important records and other useful information in medieval times.

But even before this, some historians believe that the first modern fountain pens were used by an early innovator in the tenth century. It is also believed that the person using this pen did not want their hands to get dirty, so he asked some clever engineers to do something better. 

He made a nib with an ink reservoir, similar to today's concept. There are many types of fountain pens, but the most common are nib and cartridge pens. The nib is the most characteristic part of the pen. 

It has fancy metalwork and, more importantly, does the writing. Nibs, like pens, come in many sizes and widths. Nib sizes go from Extra-fine (really, really small print) to Extra-wide (think of the Grand Canyon).

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