Types Of Managed Service Providers

MSP service is usually a very attractive option for companies. With Cloud Hosted Services to be very popular with the Small and Medium Business (SMB) business scale, IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) found that the responsibility of maintaining servers and backing up data is no longer falling out with them, but with Cloud vendors. However, there are many IT companies in Brisbane, who are using services of MSPs. 

Services such as Microsoft Office 365 have zero maintenance requirements Microsoft Exchange, and all data is backed up and stored safely on Microsoft data-center.

Scheduled Maintenance

A guarantee of scheduled maintenance organization network MSP quarterly or monthly basis in accordance with the Service Level Agreement.

Centralized Management

MSPs providing a single console and powerful services are able to handle complex networks. They are providing patch management services, service desk, remote monitoring and security solutions for several clients with centralized control.

Proactive Support

MSPs to integrate a comprehensive system of preventive care and regularly to stay ahead of any problems related to desktop devices and networks. 


An MSP offers an efficient, customized and real-time monitoring solution for any network device, website, application, or server of an organization. It is capable of delivering 24x7x365 monitoring network to ensure optimal uptime for your business.

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