Caring for Someone with Cataracts

Did you know that cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in people over 70? In case you have an elderly parent or loved one, you are likely to develop cataracts. The eye has a lens that focuses light on the retina. As this lens evolves, it becomes thicker and much more opaque.

Vision loss can make it quite difficult for your loved one to do many daily tasks. Cataracts are among these things that we cannot fix. However, there are many ways you can help encourage and care for your loved ones. If you are looking for an Las Vegas Elmiron lawyer, you can search the internet.

Washing clothes, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, and many other household tasks can become very difficult with vision loss. Ask your loved ones if it is possible to remove some of those tasks from your list. Perhaps these are things you will be able to help with, or you might even consider hiring a cleaning professional to help you with some of the strenuous tasks.

When shopping for groceries, the closest one may accidentally grab the wrong items, hike over things on the floor, or perhaps misread various labels. Consider doing your shopping at the same time, so your loved ones feel like they're doing their thing. If you can't be there all the time, make sure someone else is available to watch over your loved ones as they cook and shop.


Your loved one may no longer feel comfortable visiting places on their own. Whether you intend to push somewhere or hop on another type of transportation, consider helping out by driving on specific days of the week.

Eliminate travel risks

Among the very dangerous side effects of vision loss is the decrease. Try rearranging the furniture, therefore you will find wide and transparent paths to walk. Assess floors for uneven or slippery spots that require attention. Designate 1 area of the house for most small toys or other things that are usually around the ground.

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