How To Stop And Prevent The Baby From Sucking Thumb?

Parents should take systematic action to protect their babies from thumb sucking. Here are a few ways to do this:

Identifying triggers: The baby may suck thumb in response to stimulation. For example, if the baby is bored or hungry, he can suck his thumb.  You can also navigate to Nipit to get the best ideas for thumb-sucking prevention.

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Identify the circumstances in which the baby will take the action and treat it immediately. If boredom is the culprit, involve your baby in activities or hand games. 

When hungry, you need to maintain a reasonable schedule to feed your baby on time to prevent hunger. If he sticks his thumb in his mouth because of fatigue, put the baby in the crib for a nap.

Add a Gentle Reminder: Older babies understand basic instructions and know when to say no. In such cases, use a mild, gentle reminder to encourage them not to suck their thumbs. If the baby stops sucking his thumb, rate him as submissive.

Use distraction: You can distract your baby as soon as you see him putting his thumb in his mouth. 

You can show him things outside the window or take him in your lap and hug him. Distraction can intrigue and even calm the baby, so they don't rely too much on figments.

Try a pacifier: Use a pacifier to end thumb sucking. Pacifiers can work like thumbs, but experts find them less addictive and worth trying. 

Try to stop thumb sucking, but don't use force. Do not punish babies for thumb sucking.  Also, don't use a harsh tone when reminding your baby not to suck his thumb.

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