Houses For Sale – Negotiating The Price

The seller wants the highest price he can get and the buyer wants the lowest price possible. In Rosanna and Wales the guide price is usually set at about 5-10% higher than what it is expected to get. It'll vary though a lot – it depends on the desirability of the property and the market conditions. You can also look for the best houses for sale in Rosanna via

If you want to sell quickly, you set the price at the price that you are happy to agree to. No offers. That's the simplest way to sell. You simply say this is the price you have to pay, take it or leave it. However, the risk is that your house may be left as there's room to negotiate.

When you first think about selling your house you will have valuations from several estate agents. They'll recommend a price for you to market your house at and will suggest a price bracket of what they expect you to achieve.

Of course you'll want the highest price but be prepared. Know yourself what price you are happy to accept – be realistic. Find out what similar houses in your area were sold for from estate agents and from online sites.

If you are the seller then generally when you receive an offer, you will try to push up the price by a few thousand. Be sure to liaise with your estate agent and tell them that you don't want to lose this buyer by being too pushy. You need to keep every door open just in case you do not receive any other offers.

Get to the point where the buyer offers his final offer. At this point, do not say no outright. Take your time, think it over. Ask yourself: How many offers have we had? Is this buyer likely to be reliable? Do we want to risk still being on the market if we say no? Is the offer enough to get what we want?

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