What Are The Best Benefits Of Castor Oil?

Castor oil comes from the Ricinus communis plant, also called the castor plant, which is naturally found in Africa, India, and South America. Castor seeds (technical seeds) are pressed into a flexible light yellow vegetable oil with a completely different taste and smell. 

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Castor oil is primarily composed of the fatty acid "ricinoleic acid." It has an emollient effect, smoothes flaky skin, and makes it softer. It can also form a barrier on the skin and prevent moisture loss. It acts as a lubricant for the hair, covering and nourishing the hair strands to increase suppleness and shine. 

In addition to its emollient properties, castor oil is enriched with ricinoleic acid, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage and collagen damage, and wrinkles.

What Are the Best Benefits of Castor Oil?

Apply topically, the fatty acids of castor oil can help moisturize and nourish almost every part of your body. To add castor oil to your beauty and skincare routine:

-Enlarge your eyebrows and eyelashes: Applying a small amount of castor oil daily can help nourish your eyelashes and eyebrows. Due to its moisturizing properties, castor oil can help condition and thicken hair on its own. 

-Get shiny and healthy hair: If you apply Jamaican black castor oil two to three times a week, it prevents hair breakage.

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