The Different Types of Trailers

If you've been on the highway for more than ten minutes, you know that there are many types of truck trailers. With the exception of the consumer trucks you see on the road and those you can buy from your local dealer, the number and variety of utility vehicles and trailers on the road at any given time is actually a little confusing.

 Here's a brief look at some of the types of quality trailers at a great price you may encounter along the way.

HGV truck

As the name suggests, this truck has a bunk without sides or a top, which allows for the transport of goods that are not susceptible to the elements, especially construction machinery.

HGV trucks are also great for hauling loads of unusual sizes or shapes that won't fit on a side or top trailer, and are especially useful because they can be loaded and unloaded from any angle.

Refrigerator truck

When perishable items need to be moved, they are stored in the refrigerator truck. Unlike traditional insulated or ventilated trucks, a refrigerated vehicle has an active cooling device on the trailer to maintain a safe temperature for the goods inside.

Low speed trailer

This truck trailer is unique in that it is two steps high. The underside of the trailer resembles a flat truck and allows inferior vehicles to overload their normal load while they are sitting lower on the ground.

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