Making Money Online – CPC Vs CPM Ads

While there are dozens of ways to make money online, the two most popular are the categories of the CPC and CPM ads. The CPC stands for Cost Per Click and CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand. Most major ad networks will specialize in one of these two methods, but which one is right for your website?

When to use CPC ads

CPC ads usually work well in two scenarios: 1) when you trust your audience and the content or 2) when your audience is very involved in your topic. Imagine that you run a successful blog with thousands of loyal followers. You can also search the internet to look for the best cpc advertising network.

While the unsuspecting viewer might not be so eager to click. If you have worked-hard to build trust with your readers, CPC can pay off in droves.

When To Use CPM Advertising

CPM ads often work well for larger websites. The main reason for this is because big-brand advertisers use CPM ads to create exposure for their products. However, because of their large budgets, they rarely search for smaller sites. When you have a large audience, however, make an offer lucrative CPM ad becomes a much more real possibility.

Besides the sale of personal ads, there is a lot of CPM networks that can work for smaller sites, even with this very low CPM. But until your site to the top 5% in your niche, it's best to focus your efforts on CPC ads.

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