Installation, Maintenance and Adjusting an Aquarium Protein Skimmer

If you are new to the aquarium lots of tasks might appear quite daunting. But with a bit of research and persistence, the installation and maintenance of an aquarium should be quite easy and fun. The protein skimmer is easily the most significant part of the aquarium. Not only does this provide you with a nutrient export, however, it also keeps your water magnificent. You can find the best red sea protein skimmer via

Below I will present some explanations concerning what to look for when establishing a protein skimmer in addition to certain elements to think about prior to purchasing.


1. What size is your aquarium? Ensure you buy a skimmer that's rated double that your real aquarium size. So in the event, the manufacturer rates it in 50 Gallons, then purchase the 100-gallon version.

protein skimmer

2. What is the footprint? Make sure that it will easily fit in your own swimsuit! Always make certain you can find accurate measurements. That you never want to get your new high priced skimmer just to find out it won't fit.

3. Internal or External? Protein skimmers are available in internal (Simply put it at the sump) Or external which requires additional plumbing and also another pump to feed water into the skimmer.

4. What water amount does the skimmer work best in? This really is one specification that lots of individuals overlook. The new pumps skimmers are using have become picky, if you're an inch or two you might either overflow the skimmer or it may not work in any way. 

Make sure your water level in the sump is appropriate for your skimmer you plan to buy. Or if your water amount is too high, you can construct a simple stand to place the skimmer on. (newest skimmers run in 810" of water).

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