How Automation System Helps dairy Farmers?

Initially, the automated system in dairy farms is used to feed the cows and milking them. But with the development trends, the system has gone further to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the productivity of the dairy farm. To know more about how to manage the cows and their milk you can explore about Saber Milk sensors online. 

Let us understand the role of automation in different agricultural activities in detail:

Process automation Concentrate On Feeding System

For the production of milk, dairy farm owners must ensure that cows are fed according to their needs. Automatic feeders concentrate on a mixture of different instants in the feed.

The ratio of each concentrate in feed and delivery is controlled by software that takes into account many factors such as milk production, lactation stage and the speed of feeding the cows.

Automatic Milking Systems

Unlike other automated systems on a dairy farm, an automatic milking system is a good example of successful interaction between the robot and the system of living beings. The system is a fully automated milking system that includes dot locations, stall milking, teat-cup attachment system, and the milking system.

The cow milking process begins in the special area. This system follows a selection method and modern separation based on the weight of cattle. The separation system is an important part of the AMS who has different tasks such as selecting cattle for a medical examination and ensure that the previously milked cow did not return to the milking station.

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