Let Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore Care For Compliance

Consider entrusting your business' statutory compliance to the experts from corporate secretarial services in Singapore. A package that includes freebies can help you reduce costs. You can save valuable resources by hiring a professional corporate secretary service in Singapore. This allows you to save time, money, and focus on the core business goals.

Secretarial services in Singapore can help you comply with the Companies Act. They will also make sure that your business is in compliance with ACRA regulations. These agencies oversee all companies in Singapore and have created a framework that allows them to run their businesses.

Appoint At Least One Company Secretary

Singapore's incorporated companies must appoint at least one secretary. They cannot avoid it. Within six months of the company's registration, you must act. It is a popular market trend to hire a professional secretary company in Singapore.

You can search for an incorporation agency that provides freebies if you're thinking of starting a Singapore business. These are the hallmarks of Singapore's corporate secretarial services.

Singapore Secretarial Services

It doesn't matter if you choose a three-in-1 package or standalone secretary services. The benefits to you remain the same. Secretarial services in Singapore have secretaries who will take care of these tasks.

Conveying of meetings, preparing agenda, recording minutes, & maintaining attendance sheet

  • Maintaining the company's statutory registers
  • Circulating board resolutions, accounts, annual reports, & interim statements to shareholders
  • Preparing Director's Report/ Compilation Report
  • Managing shares & fielding shareholder's questions
  • Transfer of shares and much more.

A Singapore secretary company can be hired easily. The person being appointed must be able to manage the responsibility. In the case of public limited corporations, however, it is necessary to employ a skilled and experienced secretary.

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