What Wallet Styles Are Available for Men

Men's wallets are small bags with compartments to store valuables such as bills, credit cards, coins, ID cards, etc. The most common materials used to make men's wallets are leather (cowskin and sheepskin), nylon, and even wood. Yes, there are wooden wallets available for men as well. You can buy mens wood inlay wallets online.

The goal is to provide a flat and thin surface to store these personal items smoothly, making them easier to place in the pocket. Men's wallet features include a bill compartment, plastic card slot, leather framed identification window, zip pocket for storing coins, etc., but these features vary by wallet style.

There are many styles available in the market, we will talk about these design options in detail:

Bi-Fold Wallet

A bifold or billfold style is the most commonly used design of a wallet, in which the wallet has a single fold at the center, making it fold in two equal halves. There is a large bill compartment for cash storage and includes horizontal slots for credit and business cards. Some bifold designs offer options for identification card storage.

Tri-Fold Wallet

This wallet consists of two folds and offers more storage capacity with several slots on three creases. Tri-fold wallets are best when you need extra storage capacity because it offers multiple credit card slots in a vertical fashion on each crease. Trifold also offers a large horizontal bill compartment to hold full-length cash bills.

Money Clip Wallet

This is a new style of wallet that is extremely popular these days, due to the fact that it provides the consumer with a thin and smart wallet option. These wallets consist of vertical slots for credit cards and a small metal clip, which firmly holds your currency notes. Wallets with money clips are extremely lightweight due to their slim design.

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