Working Of The Smart Mirrors

A Smart Mirror is a two-way mirror and this display can show you anything which you want to display on the mirror’s surface like the current weather forecast, time, upcoming appointments, and much more.

Display mirrors can come in all types and sizes from small table mirrors to full-size bathroom mirrors. Smart mirrors are also called ‘Magic’ Mirrors, but they both refer to a similar thing. You can also know how to make your own smart mirror in 10 minutes that displays your health, nutrition, calendar, weather, photos and more.

Image Source: Google

What kind of things a Smart Mirror can do?

What makes a smart Mirror or a display mirror ‘smart’? Actually, the smart mirror has the ability to display any kind of information you want in the mirror. A display mirror can be customized to display local climate forecasts, news, your upcoming calendar schedule, social media feeds, and much more.

It’s possible to even add voice commands using Google’s Home Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. With voice commands, you can ask your mirror your queries, set reminders, upcoming appointments, or control other smart devices in your house.

As an example of what a smart mirror can do, this is what mine displays when we walk into my bathroom:

•Current day, date and time

•Current weather and forecast for the week

•Satire news feed headlines

•My Google calendar

A smart mirror can easily be customized to include whatever information you want. There are many people online building custom modules and code to get smart mirrors to do different things.

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