Mavala Stop – Helps To Cure Thumb Sucking

Mavala Stop offers an effective and safe way to stop the urge of nervous and often uncontrollable habit of finger sucking children. Mavala stop can be applied to thumb with an applicator brush. 

The formula is harmless and bitter flavor that helps break the disturbing habit of sucking thumbs. A discrete solution for people of all people of different ages, Mavala Stop looks bright enamel that does not attract attention. Nobody is going to found that a person had applied something on thumb. To know more about Mavala Stop visit

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Mavala Stop can help prevent lasting damage to teeth caused by sucking of the thumb and fingers and also helps prevent the spread of bacteria and germs caused by placing your fingers in the mouth. Mavala Stop is an extraordinary lift to perform personal care and beauty products for over 50 years.

Some key points:

  • Thumb sucking and nail-biting habit-breaking and prevention treatment with easy, brush-on application
  • Bitter taste yet harmless and the appearance of clear enamel helps break the habit of thumb sucking
  • Keeps hands over mouth spread germs. Mavala Stop helps in the prevention of spreading germs. and also keep them your nails healthy and strong.
  • Safe for kids aged four or more.
  • Recommended by dentists, orthodontists and pediatricians nationwide


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Can Finger and Thumb-Sucking Damage Toddler Teeth?

Have you ever wondered if your child needs to stop sucking his thumb? Have you ever wondered if sucking fingers or thumb is causing damage to toddlers' teeth? As both a mother and a dentist, it is a question that I had too much to ask. The answer to this question is yes and no.  For more information, you can search community archive to stop thumb sucking.

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The finger sucking may be harmless for a toddler's teeth to a certain age but after that children who suck their thumbs or fingers usually get what the public calls "teeth resisted. "This is when the teeth in the front of the mouth begin to stand out and seem large and out of proportion to the other teeth. This happens because children's teeth are easily moved and therefore take the form of any object that is placed between them. 

It's just not easy to get a child to stop sucking their thumb or fingers, especially when attached to their bodies. Many options are available to help with the "exit" process, including counter products such as nail polish taste foul and ointments to make the usual repulsion. Some parents also choose to reward the success of attempts to stop daily, with positive objects or desirable outputs to the child.

If these methods have been unsuccessful and the child still refuses to stop, other measures can be taken to prevent these toddler’s teeth to be permanently assigned. 

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