Types Of Roofing Tiles

In the present time,new construction and repair of shingles is about 86 percent of overall roofing. Since the tile is completely insensitive to any impacts: heat and frost, hail, and hurricanes, acid rain, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, etc.

The beauty and elegance of the tiled roofs are well known. They create a unique style of many cities, villages, and towns. These roofs with minimum maintenance for a very long time didn't need repair.  More information about tile roofing is also available at redding roofing pros.

tiles roofing

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Types of natural tile.

Cement-sand tiles can be made almost any color. The most common and almost always available in stock from the manufacturer colors – brick red, black,brown, green,. Other color tiles are usually made to order.

The cement-sand tile made of cement, silica sand, and organic pigments based on iron oxide. Such tiles are not subjected to shooting and are gaining strength because of the hardening of the cement. 

The quality of the cement-sand tile to a large extent is dependent upon the quality of raw materials and compliance with the applicable technology.

In contrast to ceramic tiles, the color of cement-sand is decided by special dyes that are added into the concrete mass before casting. These dyes do not affect the strength of their tiles and are resistant to the sun.

Natural ceramic tiles – one of the most durable materials, the life of over 100 years. From an environmental standpoint, it was perfect and this is certainly the most beautiful cover.

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