How Often To Change Transmission Fluid

Cars usually experience transmission fluid problems. It shouldn't, but sometimes it can be a manufacturing defect and a problem with some parts of the transmission. Some of the most common problems also arise if you don't change the transmission oil on time.

Lubrication is a very important part of the transmission system. In the absence of fluids, the transmission oil cooler often gets clogged, which is not only dangerous but it can also make the car fast. Gear oil helps transfer engine power to the system to keep the car running smoothly. 

Know How Long Does It Take For A Transmission Fluid Change?

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In addition, when the engine is running due to transmission fluid, less heat is generated, and if there is a lack of oil the engine parts become completely corrosive and damaged. So, transmission oil plays many roles depending on the function of the transmission system and engine.

When changing transmission oil, the type of oil used will depend on the type of system the vehicle has. Automatic lubrication is very different from manual lubrication. Contact the oil shop to find out what is right for your car and only then change the oil. Automatic service centers and lubrication points usually change the transmission fluid. 

Some people choose to do it themselves. Conventional engine fluids are used for manual transmissions. However, manual transmissions also work with automatic lubrication. The transmission fluid should be checked once a month and changed at least every six months.

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