Make Your Trip Magical By Planning Wine Tours in Italy

Wine tours in Italy could be the perfect outlet to allow you to taste the fruit of these historic vineyards.

If you are considering an overseas holiday that includes a wine tasting experience, explore your options to make sure you include the best place in your schedule. If you are looking for best small group tour Italy then check


Tuscany offers an abundant selection for a sampling of regional favorites. The rolling hills and lush landscape of Tuscan vineyards boast a variety of different wines, including red, white, and a variety of desserts even.

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* Chianti vineyards of the Chianti region filled with miles and miles from the heart of the vineyards are located on steep slopes. You'll also see alluring medieval castles and monasteries when you travel these routes of antiquity.

* San Gimignano vineyards sit quietly in the Tuscan city with the same name. Part of the appeal of this town including ancient stone tower, the old original city abandoned when financial hiccup. Currently, the city of San Gimignano plays host to tourists who stop by to visit most of the grassland around the area.

If you venture to the southern area for wine tours in Italy, you will not regret. This area includes the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. You can even take a ferry between the islands. You'll find a generous sample of wineries waiting to show their stuff with advance appointment.

On the island of Sardinia, different cultures have been developed to produce special products. Four distinct areas on the island are actively producing, including Nuoro, Cagliari, Sassari, and Osteria.


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