Things To Look For When Self-Publishing A Book

Today with all of the amazing technology, self-publishing a book has become a more attractive option. Gone are the days of someone's dreams and visions being placed on hold or forced to wait because they are in search of a publisher to accept their book. You can consider the best self publishing ebooks services to publish your books.

Major publishers are faced with downsizing and cutbacks making it even more difficult for a new kid on the block. Most of the traditional publishers today want authors who have a celebrity size following or a distribution list that equates to immediate ROI.

There are a lot of opportunities for self-publishing a book. You can do it completely yourself. When you publish your work yourself you are responsible for the editing, formatting, securing distribution, communicating with the printer, and copyrighting it to name a few.

Here are the top things you should consider when looking for a self-publishing publisher:

1. Is it a good fit?

Believe it or not, personality means everything. Your book is your baby. It's a project and not a drive-thru menu experience.  Many times I have seen authors when self-publishing their book forfeit the importance of the literary and business experience of their publisher. Make sure when selecting a publisher they have literary experience and business acumen.

2. Make sure you maintain all your rights.

In the traditional world of publishing, you generally give up a large portion, if not all of the rights to your book. This means all of the control on editing, characters, book cover design, etc, are determined by the publisher. This is primarily because you have received an advance for your book. 

3. Royalties

When self-publishing a book it is my opinion that you as the author should receive a higher percentage of royalties. In the traditional world, it can be viewed slightly differently because they have a larger distribution, they have provided you with an advance, and there is more at stake. 

4. What type of services do they offer?

Do they offer various editing services from rewrite to copywriting? Editing is extremely important when self-publishing a book. Be mindful of a company that will publish your book that doesn't offer or require editing. In most cases, if they don't offer to edit, your publisher should have a list of editors they can refer to.

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