What Are the Different Types of Butterfly Valves?

Butterfly valves are on the list of quarter-turn valves that feature disk-like seats. Also, the disk is set perpendicular to the fluid flow when you open or close the valve. Usually, valves can be operated using handles, equipment, or actuators. Although the function of these units is quite simple, know that there are various types. Mattec Pacific Co., Ltd., we will see there are various types of Butterfly valves available. Check on to find out more.


Body type of butterfly valve

Two popular body styles include wafer and lug styles. The latter functions as a real union ball valve and allows connected pipes taken when the system is turned on.

Butterfly valve material

Just like other types of valves, butterfly valves are made of various types of materials, such as PVC and stainless steel.

For butterfly valves, cast iron is another great choice. The reason is that it offers stronger structural integrity and can withstand various temperatures. This is what makes it a good choice for industrial applications. Cor-iron butterfly valve offers flexibility. So, they can be used in a number of places.

How to use various types of this unit

The operating method helps distinguish various types of valves. The manual method including gears and handles. In addition, automatic actuation can also be done based on the model. Also, the lever-based utilizes a quarter round lever equipped with a locking mechanism. And this is a simple type of BF Vale function. However, it might not be practical for large and sophisticated valves.

Long story short, this was an introduction to different types of butterfly valves and how they work. Hopefully, this article will help you develop a strong understanding of these units.




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