What Is a Dental Emergency?

With a good at-home hygiene routine, you can take care of your gums and teeth. The dentist should be seen every six months. There may be times that you have to see the dentist at an unexpected time, such as when you are experiencing a dental emergency.

What are dental emergencies?

Accidents that cause blunt force trauma to the mouth or face can often lead to dental emergencies. Dental emergencies include broken or chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and lacerations to the cheeks. Toothaches, headaches, excessive bleeding are all common examples.

Dental emergencies cause discomfort and anguish, and they can progress to other, more serious dental problems. They also make it difficult to use one's mouth's regular functionality and live a happy, normal life. You can find the best dental emergency service in Los Angeles by browsing this site.

Differentiateing a Dental Emergency VS. Non-Dental Emergency

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Why do I have to see the dentist right away?

A dentist should be consulted immediately for dental emergencies involving broken, chipped, or lost teeth, bleeding, and cuts to the facial, jaw, or mouthparts.

The sooner the damage is done, the better the chance of saving the tooth. Broken, chipped, or lost adult permanent teeth cannot be regrown. It's gone forever unless it was treated by a dentist within the time frame after it happened.

If the patient can save a knocked-out tooth by taking care of the tooth until the dentist arrives, it is possible to save it. Getting immediate treatment for your dental emergency not only can save your teeth, and your beautiful smile, but it can save you from getting possible life-threatening infections.

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