Why Is Podcasting Better Than Blogging?

Blogging is an effective way to get your voice heard and share your thoughts. But there are other ways to share them – such as by podcasting.

Podcasting is an audio medium that allows users to subscribe to and listen to episodes of shows on their own time, which can be helpful for multitasking or when you have short attention spans. Unlike blogs, which typically require a reader to manually check for new posts every day, podcasts are automatically downloaded and played on most devices. If you are in search of a professional podcast recording studio, then check https://www.magicstudios.com.au/voice-over-recording-studio/studio-hire-for-podcasts/.

This means you can quickly skim through a list of episodes without having to waste time downloading them all, and you can easily add new podcast subscriptions without having to remember the URL or search for them. Podcasts also allow for longer content than blogs, which makes them more versatile for in-depth discussions or presentations.

Since its inception, podcasting has steadily grown in popularity, with a market share estimated at 40% as of 2018. This popularity is likely due to several factors:

-Podcasts are easily consumable, with no need to wait for a new episode to be released.

-They can be listened to on a variety of devices and platforms, making them accessible to a large audience.

-They are often episodic and self-contained, giving listeners a sense of closure after each episode.

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