How To Self-Publish Your Book

Self-publishing can be a great way to get your book out to your target audience while retaining full control of its production and full profit from your book sales.

It is almost impossible for a new writer to find a literary agent or get your book accepted by a publisher. The best thing about self-publishing is that you don't need a literary agent or publisher to sell your book in the big market.

If you are familiar with a subject and can write a well-written book of 180+ pages, you may consider self-publishing. To know about how to self-publish your book, you can check out this useful link –

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Some self-publishing companies even offer various promotional packages for an additional fee that can help get your book noticed. Many independent publishers offer other marketing opportunities to increase your book sales. You can turn your book into an e-book and sell it on affiliate marketing websites as well. 

You might even consider creating your own website dedicated to selling your book – it can link directly to your book website. Even without advertising I paid back my initial investment in the first 6 months and I believe you can do the same, anything after the first 6 months is a net profit. For those with popular, well-written stories or themes, self-publishing can be a great source of royalty income.

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