Should You Use The Services Of An Image Consultant?

Have you heard of image consultant? An image consultant or fashion advisor is someone who can advise you on how to find the best fashion styles and colors for you.

It's relatively easy now to learn fashion trends for yourself, but there are some people who just want to seek professional help. You may hire image consultant in NYC via

Why should someone use an image consultant service?

A good time to look at image consultants is when you are looking for a new job or have just been hired for one. Starting a new job, or even an interview, is a very stressful time. In today's fast-paced world, first impressions matter, and your competence, intelligence and reliability are judged in seconds.

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Did you know that your visual appearance represents more than half of the impression you make on other people? This means that knowing how to manage your personal presentation so you can quickly appear effective and safe is just as important as any business skill on a resume.

Unfortunately, fashion in the workplace can be tricky because different companies have different needs. For example, if you work in a clothing store, there is a good chance that you want to wear fashionable clothes (most likely the one you work for). However, if you've worked at a law firm, professional attire is a must.

Professional image consultants know how to dress for success and how to use body language, business etiquette and color to your advantage. If you want to update your images for a new job, or even just for an interview, consider an image consulting service.

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An Image Consultant Can Help You Find The Right Clothes For You

Did you know that the average woman only wears 20% of her wardrobe clothes? If you don't believe me look at your own wardrobe and see how many items of clothing you have not put on in the last 12 months. How to overcome this problem?

The answer to this question is: enlist the services of an Image Consultant. There are many businesses like AKO that provide many Professional Image Consultants.

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Let’s look first at the reasons why many women are in this position and then I will explain why using an image consultant can help solve your wardrobe disasters. Here's a listing of the reasons why a girl just wears 20 percent of her apparel.

  • If they go shopping they do not have shopping strategy
  • They don't know what satisfies their own body shape, age or coloring.
  • Body shape changes during pregnancy, sickness or becoming older can confound them and they get unknown and misplaced in regards to understanding what satisfies them
  • They've experienced a lifestyle change
  • They don't understand what picture or appearance they desire.
  • When purchasing they're unaware of exactly what stores cater to their clothes needs
  • They're reluctant to squander money on clothing they might not wear.
  • Lots of women don't know that occasionally it's essential to change their garments to accomplish the best possible appearance. Many are not ready to pay extra for adjustments when they've already spent money buying the clothing.
  • They don't give themselves time simply to explore stores at unique places to get acquainted with what's provided.

Therefore, how can we solve this issue? The very best method is to enlist the assistance of an image consultant to carry you to a private shopping trip. The benefits of using an image consultant are numerous and the lessons you will learn when shopping can be taken with you throughout your life.

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