Reasons Why You Need An Experienced Remote DBA

Remote database administration involves performing all the functions that will usually be performed by the regular home manager. The difference is that the remote database administrator (DBA) to connect to the system remotely through a secure Internet connection or a dedicated dial-up line is connected to the network.

A company may want to use a remote DBA service instead of hiring internal staff for external services, it does not have the same costs associated with hiring someone directly. There are several reasons beyond the simple cost that often makes companies use oracle expert services.

Reliability and availability.

Many Database Administrations and support services are not always associated with internal staff hours and the same limitations. Some services offer 24-hour monitoring and support so that the database is almost always available to customers and employees. This availability is directly related to the reliability of the system.

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The reliable system enables companies to focus on profitability rather than infrastructure and information technology (IT) strategy. Customers can access the database or benefit from the reliability of off-site management because the service will not experience frequent or unexpected downtime during non-office hours.

Safety and recovery

Part of this service generally involves daily or weekly backups of the information in the database. The database for the local storage unit in the customer's office can be duplicated or the information can be transmitted and stored in a secure online unit, redundant hosting cloud or off-site location.

Frequent backups are still needed, but the DBA to manage them remotely. By using DBA remote recovery, the entire database can be restored very quickly to minimize the amount of data loss.

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