All About The Sirian Starseed Appearance

Sirius is the most bright night sky star also known by the name of Alpha Canis Majoris, aka Sirius the Dog Star Sirius. It means that you will easily detect the sirian starseed based on their affection for dogs, including canines and the wolf. These people of the spiritual realm can be described as down to Earth with a calm disposition and are difficult to anger.

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Similar to Orion's, they can't communicate their feelings well and may struggle to express their feelings in relationships. They are often viewed as daydreamers who are closed off. They have likely always been fascinated by witchcraft, magic, the occult, and various healing techniques.

They're extremely imaginative which is why they enjoy writing and the arts and could have an intense need to protect the planet and fight for the rights of animals. Their talent could also mean that they are prone to tattoos and piercings, as they enjoy any form in which they can express their creativity by expressing themselves through clothing and accessories.

Like Orion Starseeds they are task-oriented and have a sense of humor. They may also feel an emotional attachment to water, which includes dolphins, whales, and Mermaids.

They're more involved in their own inner environment than they are with their external surroundings and are extremely peaceful and sensitive. These magical, mystical people are usually portrayed as a kind of gothic or hippy type.

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