Cleaning And Maintaining Refrigeration System Equipment

Maintaining a refrigerator should be a top priority when building your restaurant business. Commercial refrigeration maintenance allows you to store food longer while saving overhead and allowing your customers to enjoy the freshest possible food.

If you want to keep your restaurant refrigeration running optimally, you need to rely on proper maintenance. Proper handling will keep your food safe and reduce the amount of food waste. To get more information about the commercial refrigeration cleaning visit

commercial refrigeration cleaning

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If you want to keep your commercial cooling system in tip-top shape, the following points will help:

1. Clean the inside and outside of the module

Your restaurant's fridge now needs constant cleaning. You want to clean your entire cooling unit thoroughly every week or every two weeks. Create and follow a schedule that includes:

-Remove and clean the shelf.

-Clean the outdoor unit with a cleaning solution that kills germs and bacteria.

2. Clean the condenser regularly

An important part of refrigerator maintenance is fixing a few of the many coils in your machine. One of the most famous prominent coils is your condenser coil. It must be cleaned according to the manual of the commercial refrigeration equipment that came with your unit.

The general rule is to have your coil serviced every three months. It is recommended to downgrade the device. However, follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that you are degrading the device properly. Cleaning and repairing the condenser coil will make it easier for your refrigerator to keep cool.

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