Do Mediator Saves Live and Helps in Dispute?

Much of the tragic news concerns two boys in front of a teenager who commits suicide due to abuse. These stories focus on children and what parents and schools have done to avoid these problems. 

One thing that more schools need to do to avoid such problems of bullying, conflict resolution and dispute resolution is the concept of peer mediation. You can also use a land rights mediator for school land disputes.  

Mastering Mediation: How Mediation Can Save You Time and Money

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Peer mediation is a strategy that teaches students mediator strategies to resolve conflicts between their peers. Peer mediation can be introduced at all school ages from elementary school to high school. 

The students are trained to become conflict managers through peer mediation. They learn how to solve problems and help their co-workers to resolve disputes in a way that is acceptable to everyone. Peer mediation helps prevent very minor incidents from escalating into more serious ones over time.

One of the advantages of peer mediation is the fact that in the event of a dispute, the peers of the disputing parties will help resolve the dispute, not the parents or teachers. With the help of a partner arbitrator, students learn how to resolve disputes amicably on their own. 

In addition, several social studies have found that children are often more influenced by their peers than by their parents. One of the important things that peer mediation teaches is the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully. Instead of improving, peer mediators are shown lifelong conflict resolution skills.

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