Owner Operator Insurance – Lease Agreement Requirements

In today's ultra-competitive marketplace the stakes are higher than ever. One poor decision can prove deadly to the business aspirations of the ill-prepared entrepreneur. 

This article is aimed at describing some lesser-known facts that can help you make better business decisions.

A person runs their transportation business with their own vehicle looking to break into the trucking business.Although, you can also get to know what Owner Operator Health Insurance for Truck Drivers is on the internet before reaching any decision.

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Keep in mind that not all motor carriers operate the same way, and not all motor carriers may operate with your best financial interest in mind. 

When negotiating your rate per mile and reviewing your lease agreement with a motor carrier there are a few things that you should take into consideration in order to better manage your exposure to financial threats.

What expenses are they passing on to you, and do they use an escrow?

It is not uncommon for a motor carrier to share some or even all of the deductibles on their Auto Liability and Cargo Insurance with you, the owner-operator. 

What insurance can they actually require you to carry and what should you carry?

The simple answer here is that they can require you to carry any coverage their risk managers see fit. Although the state you live in may not specifically require you to carry certain coverages.

You are an independent contractor choosing to enter a mutual agreement with the motor carrier. By signing the lease agreement you are saying that you understand and choose to accept their requirements, whatever those may be.

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