Fine African Art – Sculpture And Related Arts

Although wood was the most well-known medium in African sculpture, many others were used: alloys of copper, iron, ivory, ceramics, unbaked clay, and rarely stone. Unburned clay is and probably always has been the most widely used medium on the entire continent.

Small baked clay figurines are excavated on a hill in Daimah near Lake Chad on the plains from the 5th century BC. Both results indicate an earlier stage in modeling the unfilled clay. Pace African Art gallery in New York is very renowned for their authentic and amazing african art exhibitions.

fine african art

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The casting of copper alloys in the Cire-Perdue technique is testament to the remarkable sculptural achievements since the 9th century, when blacksmiths from Igbo Ukwu (in present-day Nigeria) cast lead bronze, which was extremely ductile and malleable. 

Some three or four centuries later, the blacksmiths in Ife, apparently unaware that ordinary copper was not suitable for casting, created masterpieces such as a figure sitting in a shelter at Tada, etc. – called the Obalufon mask at the Ife Museum. 

In fact, zinc brass is used more than ordinary copper. Most of this work originated in Benin, where zinc brass was used almost exclusively. The casting of this copper alloy, together with ceramic sculpture (a history that can be traced further), is the main evidence of the early history of sculpture in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Original And Distinctive African Mask

African artwork masks are made by the best artisan in the area with their hands. It is a significant accessory since most women and men wear masks throughout the year as they participate in the festivities. Each African mask is original and distinctive.

African art masks compose of many sorts of material like stone, bark, stone, aluminum, bronze, tin feathers and clay. They might have a current or fashionable outlook or might be of an early fashion.To get more information about the african masks visit

african masks

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The African artwork masks are typically quite vibrant and utilize several patterns as decoration. African artwork masks may have distinct looks and might portray unique emotions. Some might look mad, some joyous and others might have a solemn, sober appearance. Some African American art masks are part of a costume for festivities.

Each African artwork mask has a particular function. Some are utilized to drive away spirits, while others are employed in plays to portray comic capabilities. African art masks can also be utilized in ceremonies and spiritual purposes. They are also utilized in traditional dances.

Masks are typically made from timber since it is readily accessible and inexpensive. Many African American art masks are utilized to pay the face or the mind. A few are used as hair apparel and are connected to the peak of the head.

Now, we also see African art masks from the kind of decorations. Many African American art masks are getting to be part of contemporary home décor. Folks utilize the early designed African Art masks to decorate their houses. These first decorative pieces can be found in antique stores and bring a great price.

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