When To GET Urgent Dental Care

Emergency dental care is necessary for a number of reasons. So-called emergency dental care can cause confusion among patients as the situation may not be as clear as emergency medical care.

So, what might qualify as a case where emergency dental care service is required? Read on to find out.

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1. Broken teeth

There are many reasons a tooth (or tooth) can break, but the most common are accidents or injuries. Chips and cracks can expose the delicate nerve endings of a tooth and may or may not cause pain depending on the size and severity of the fracture.

However, if a broken tooth hurts and causes chewing problems, it should be checked by a dentist immediately.

As a first aid procedure, you can rinse your mouth with warm water and place a cool thigh against your cheek to relieve pain.

Dentists do not recommend using crushed aspirin on a broken tooth for pain relief, as it can cause further damage to the teeth and gums.

2. Gear shifted

Strained, dislodged, everyday, and "validated" permanent teeth can be problematic because, unlike baby teeth that are missing, they don't allow new teeth to grow. However, there are still ways to save your dislocated tooth.

If you lose your teeth, it is important to get emergency care to avoid infection of the dental fossa. Before you go to the dentist's office, get your teeth first. Make sure to take it on the side of the crown (or chew side) so as not to damage the tooth root.


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