Why Do Mothers Prefer For Normal Delivery?

A ‘natural birth’ is a normal delivery that takes place without the use of medications or interventions of any kind. This type of delivery benefits both mother and baby in many ways. It helps the mother heal faster so that she is able to tend to her children sooner. As the baby traverses the birth canal, it picks up helpful bacteria that protect it from developing diseases later.

You can boost your chances of having a natural delivery by following proper guidelines as given below:

  • Staying active throughout pregnancy and building your stamina and physical endurance to undergo labor with ease. 
  • Learning about the process of labor and signs of when to leave for the hospital.
  • Learning how to breastfeed and take care of your newborn through an online class.

Babies born through normal delivery have lower risks of respiratory problems at birth. They also have a lower risk of developing diabetes, asthma, and obesity in later life.

A cesarean puts the mother at increased risk of serious complications in future pregnancies or surgery. 

Hence, the presence of a loved one can motivate you and give you a back massage that can greatly ease normal delivery pain. And remember that you always have the option of an epidural for painless delivery to lessen labor pain.

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